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Three Brooks Beasts standing on a track

Just how fast is a Brooks Beast?

Pretty darn fast, as it turns out. Our Seattle-based pro team includes runners in distances from the 800m to the 5,000m. The Beasts are led by Coach Danny Mackey and have access to a full roster of support staff including a physio, nutritionist, and massage therapist plus the Brooks HQ gym and staffed onsite cafeteria.

Brooks pro runner Nia Akins
Brooks coach Danny Mackey
Brooks pro runner Waleed Suliman
Brooks pro runner Laurie Barton
Brooks pro runner Devin Dixon
run happy
Brooks pro runner Brannon Kidder
Brooks pro runner Allie Buchalski
Brooks pro runner David Ribich
run happy
Brooks pro runner Drew Windle
Brooks pro runner Karisa Nelson
Brooks pro runner Garrett Heath
run happy
Brooks Beast Track Club women on a run
Brooks pro runner Allie Ostrander
Brooks pro runner Marta Pen Freitas Pires
Brooks pro runner Henry Wynne
Brooks pro runner Izaic Yorks
run happy
Brooks pro runner Josh Kerr
Brooks Beast Track Club on a run at night

A good run starts with great shoes.

A blue background with white cartoon, geometric mountains drawn on it

Gear up for your run.

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We’re all-in on running.

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