Women's Juno Sports Bra

Women's Juno Sports Bra
Brooks Juno Sports Bra

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We've fine-tuned our best-selling sports bra to give you even more reasons to love the Juno. More breathable and easier to get on and off, we think you'll quickly fall in love with this updated version of our favorite sports bra.

Fit Tip for Juno lovers: Order a band size down.

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  1. 1 DRILAYER® BURST FABRIC minimizes odors
  2. 2 PERFORATED UNICUP DESIGN gives support, shape and modesty
  3. 3 INCREASED VENTILATION in key sweat zones
  4. 4 UPDATED BACK DESIGN for easier on and off
  5. 5 FRONT-ADJUSTABLE STRAPS let you customize fit on the move
  6. 6 PADDED BACK CLOSURE for proper fit and support


DriLayer Burst

The energy burst of a second wind smells like victory. Thanks to the engineering of this inherently odor-resistant fabric, you will too.

Fabric & Care


Our signature sweat-wicking fabric is thoroughly tested for comfort, performance, and durability and optimized to keep you, the runner, performing at your best.

Hand washing is ideal, but not always possible. Fasten all hooks and straps, place in a lingerie bag and use the gentle or delicate cycle. Always line dry, and never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners—they can clog the fabric and shorten the life of the bra.


  • Breast Shape: Shallow, Semi-Full, Full
  • Country of Origin: Imported

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
3.3 (74 Reviews)
50% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.

74 Reviews

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  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    I have this bra in every color

    2017/08/10 | Eugene, OR |

    I love this bra. I also own some of the Fiona style. I like the adjustable straps. I love the fact that there is zero bounce.

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    My daughter loves this bra

    2017/08/10 | Eugene |

    She loved it from the very first time she wore it and then told her friend about it too!

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    This is one of the best fitting bras I have ever owned!

    2017/08/06 | Richmond, VA |

    I use this on my long runs. It's very comfortable! No minor irritations!!!

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    No chafe!

    2017/08/03 | Livermore, CA |

    I ran 11 miles in this bra and had no chafing/digging into my shoulders or chest. The straps come in over the shoulder closer to the neck than the bras that have caused me issues in the past, which I think made a difference. The first time I wore it, the velcro came loose on both straps, but I realized I just needed to adjust them up a little higher. It didn't affect the fit and that stopped the issue. I'm buying more in other colors!

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    Finally the fit changes I needed!

    2017/07/29 | TN |

    I tried the older style Juno many years ago and again recently. I have always had the same complaints: It was impossible to get in/out of and the stiff back straps rubbed under my shoulder blades. The best fit I could find has been the Jubralee; but I hate that it isn't a racerback, and it doesn't offer a layer for "modesty" coverage. For the last few years I ended up settling for another brand's front-close bra which offered the support, racerback, and modesty I was looking for. However, those bras are thick (and feel unbreathable), have little strap adjustment for my short torso, and have low band which has left me dealing with chafing issues each time I run over 8 miles. I think, finally, this new Juno is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for. The new open racerback style is so much easier to get on/off! The cups provide support and modesty, but I LOVE the perforations that make them breathable. I think this really lightens it up without losing the necessary coverage. I've run in this bra a few times and definitely get the max support I'm used to. It's already been out for a 10-miler without any chafing at all. I noticed right away that the top of the bra doesn't lay flat. It seems like the lining and the outer fabric pull in different directions which twists the top edge askew so it pulls out rather than laying flush. It doesn't change the fit or cause any problems for me; just looks out of place. It seems this version of the Juno has not been popular among long-time Juno wearers, but I hope that won't stop Brooks from making it. If nothing else, keep making this bra even if you have to give it a new name!

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    Favorite bra ever!

    2017/07/26 | Helena, Mt |

    I live this bra so much it's my third time buying one.

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    Easier to put on

    2017/07/20 | AR |

    The new Juno is easier to put on, has slimmer shoulder straps and gives me great support. The only thing I have a complaint about is the neckline. The neckline does not lay flat on me. I prefer the previous neckline, which does. If Brooks would return to the previous neckline, it would be perfect.

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    Easier to get on/off than old model

    2017/07/14 | Miami, FL |

    I've been wearing moving comfort Fiona bras for years because they were pretty much the only bra I could find that was comfortable and supportive for my small frame/large cup size. I'd tried Juno on in the past but it was impossible to get it on and off. When I saw the reviews for the Brooks model said it was easier to get on/off I decided to give it a shot. I normally wear a 30 band size but decided to play it safe and go with a 32 since I had struggled to get it on before--if it wasn't supportive enough for running I could wear it for less impact sports. First-it was way easier to get on/off. Second wore it for my first run and it's supportive and comfortable. My one complaint is the sewing/cut of the bra. The front of the bra on the top puckers out a little bit but that isn't the end of the world. The back is another story. It does not matter how tight I make the shoulder straps or which setting I put the hooks on, it puckers A LOT. It looks like the stitching on the back was not lined up correctly because it's definitely not too tight.

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    Buy It!

    2017/07/08 | washington, dc |

    I love this bra! I'm a 36DD and I've always worn two bras because I hate any sort of bounce when i run. This bra has very minimal bouncing and it keeps everything in place so the little bouncing that does occur I don't even feel it. I wish i had found this bra sooner!

    Yes, I would recommend this!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★

    Good support

    2017/07/02 | Ohio |

    I do like this bra. The Fabric is terrific. It is different to put on but i found a system. One thing u am not sure about is the gap i have at the top. I needed something to wear to work as i am constantly moving and did not want an underwire.

    Yes, I would recommend this!

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