It is our duty to help sustain the places we love to run in and the resources that get us there.

The Running Responsibly Program

We, the people who make Brooks go, are active. We treasure and thrive in the outdoors and enjoy spending time in our local communities. We know what really matters: the long-term well-being of people, the planet, and our role in nurturing both.

The Brooks Running Responsibly Program is our strategic and holistic Corporate Responsibility platform, which measures sustainability through five pillars; community, fair labor, product design and materials, manufacturing, and our footprint. This program is led by our Corporate Responsibility team, which engages with all levels of the organization to manage our environmental and social issues. Corporate Responsibility isn't an isolated program on the shoulders of a few, it's a way of thinking and acting that infuses all we do, at every level. The Brooks culture is more than words on a page—it's those words put into action every day and it's built on a platform of personal empowerment and accountability. We expect employees to own this brand, and that includes stewarding the environment and local communities in their daily behaviors.

Working toward sustainability is a journey, and while we've taken a number of important steps, we are acutely aware that we've only just begun. For us, there is no finish line. We're continually looking to evolve our Running Responsibly strategic approach to ensure alignment with key social and environmental issues. We invite the running community to send comments, questions and suggestions to:


We are actively managing and working towards sustainable solutions for these five platforms.


Friday Run Parties to shareable bikes, the key to inspiring activity is being active.


Through Run B'Cause, our corporate giving program, we donate hundreds of thousands in product every year, as well as provide employees with eight paid hours to volunteer with the charity of their choice.


We recognize climate change is real and acknowledge our role as both a contributor and a part of the solution. Therefore, we have begun to track and measure our environmental impacts in an effort to not only improve systems performance but to purposefully lower our greenhouse gas emissions. As a part of our commitment to reducing our impact, our new headquarters, slated for completion in 2014, will not only be LEED Platinum certified, but will be the pioneering project in Seattle's Deep Green Pilot Program, a platform to encourage the use and acceptance of deeper, sustainable development strategies.

Fair Labor

Aside from monitoring working conditions with our business partners, Brooks provides training and capacity building programs for our suppliers in an effort to design opportunities for everyone involved in the creation of our products.

Product Responsibility

We've created an industry-leading Restricted Substance List that ensures harmful chemicals are not going into our products, and have developed innovative sustainable solutions to reduce our product's environmental impact.