Inspiring Coaches Finalist Natalie Krause

New Prairie High School - New Carlisle, Ind.

Number of years coaching: 12 years.

At a glance: "Keep Calm and Stride On" is Coach Natalie Krause’s motto for her and her track team in New Prairie High School in New Carlisle, Ind. Coach Krause inspires her team and leads by example by running lock 5Ks with her family and by involving herself in the running community. Encouraging her athletes to persevere through difficult times both in running and outside the sport, Coach Krause has instilled in her track team a desire to excel and succeed at school, running and other endeavors.


What advice does Coach Krause give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
I try to draw out from our kids what the real issue is and I remind them why they run. I remind them that having a bad day makes them human, but it’s pushing through that bad day that is going to make them excellent. I believe it’s also important to let our kids know that they are not alone. That running on a team means you are part of a family. I coach in a way that allows me to have a relationship with each athlete that would make them comfortable to come to me with any situation they may have. Sometimes we just tell stories of our favorite runs or favorite races. We talk about upcoming events we are excited about.

What makes Coach Krause Run Happy?
AH! There are so many things! I feel extremely blessed to wake up each day with two healthy functioning legs. This inspires me to go out and run for those people who for whatever reason can’t or won’t run. My older sister got me in to running. My younger sister joined us, and at the age of 50 my mother made the decision to become a runner as well. Along with our aunt, we have taken some amazing trips to run races. I’m so pumped and excited for these trips. I visualize these trips on my training runs. I truly believe my talent is a gift and that what I do with it is my gift back. I refuse to waste this gift.
I seeing running as a tribute to my late coach. What I have seen and learned through this sport has changed my life. I run in thanks. Running is also a form of prayer for me. It is a way to spend time clearing my head and getting things in my life in order. I run to celebrate where I’ve been, where I am and where I am going. Running is such an important part of my life. I know being a runner makes me a better person and a better mother. Confident mothers raise confident little girls, and running mamas raise running girls. Put all of this together and I am one happy runner!

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