Inspiring Coaches Finalist Lee Webb

James Logan High School - Union City, CA

Number of years coaching: 35 years coaching track and cross country.

At a glance: Coach Webb’s runners call him “the most dedicated coach in the country.” It doesn’t matter if he is sick or in pain, he is at every practice and every meet supporting them. His teams have won countless titles, but their grades are one of the most important things to Coach Webb. He honors kids with high GPAs and makes sure they attend class. He is also in charge of the Special Olympics program at James Logan High School, encouraging his athletes to participate in the program as coaches and many say it was one of the best learning experiences they have had.


What piece of advice does Coach Webb give an athlete when they are having a bad day to inspire them?
Make each day your masterpiece. Keep moving forward and be the best you can be no matter the circumstance. It is how you get up when you fall, not how you fall.

What makes Coach Webb Run Happy?
I love full out and maximum efforts in practice. I love high intensity and the desire to be better each time and every time you do something.

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