Inspiring Coaches Finalist Jeff Downin

Marlborough High School - Marlborough, Mass.

Number of years coaching: 12 years track, 7 years cross country.

At a glance: Coach Jeffrey Downin has a spot he always goes to during a race, and that’s the final homestretch of the course. There, he can see each of his athletes finish and cheer them on during the toughest portion when they need inspiration most. Coach Downin inspires his track and cross country runners at Marlborough High School in Marlborough, Mass., by being an intuitive, present coach. Whether that’s through creating individualized, fine-tuned workouts, giving honest and real advice to his athletes or just being an understanding listener, Coach Downin is one to inspire and help his runners reach their running goals.


What advice does Coach Downin give his athletes?
"I believe in you." Also, I remind my athletes that there is no such thing as a bad day of running.

What makes Coach Downin Run Happy?
Getting across the finish line is winning.

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