Inspiring Coaches Finalist Corbin Talley

Davis High School - Kaysville, UT

Number of years coaching: 10 years coaching track and cross country.

At a glance: With a team of over 200 kids, you think it would be hard to get to know all of them, but Coach Corbin Talley remembers more than just their name. He remembers every student athlete’s event and PR. It doesn’t matter if they are the slowest or fastest person; he treats everyone like they are a valuable member of the team and will stand at the finish line cheering until each runner crosses. On top of coaching his large team, he also shares his love for running by putting on one of the Davis Invitational, one of the best high school track meets in the U.S.


What piece of advice does Coach Talley give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
To be patient and keep believing in themselves. They hear me say it so many times – but I really believe that if they are patient and keep believing in themselves and the work they are doing (and in their coach), that it will all work out. I also talk a lot about perspective. I want them to know that no single race is too important – that all races (good or bad) will give them experience and will add to who they are as a runner and person. The bad days are truly some of my favorites to look back on because I love to see when athletes rise up from times they have failed or have been discouraged. I believe our greatest coaching moments come on these days.

What makes Coach Talley Run Happy?
Running with good people. Running in new places. Running in the same old places. Running on Trails. Running until my legs feel like they can’t go any further. Running fast on the track with my athletes. Watching runners improve and grow and succeed. The feeling that running gives me when I have done my best. The feeling that running gives me when I see my athletes do their best.

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