Inspiring Coaches Finalist Brandon Beltz

Inland Lakes High School - Indian River, MI

Number of years coaching: 3 years of track and 2 years in cross country.

At a glance: With contagious enthusiasm and boundless energy, Coach Brandon Beltz of Inland Lakes High School in Indian River, Mich., inspires his athletes to push forward through difficulties. Coach Beltz leads by example when he runs workouts with his track and cross country teams, even the hill workouts. Running with his athletes gets him in touch with their capabilities and he is always the first to provide words of encouragement and to show how proud he is of his team.


What piece of advice does Coach Beltz give athletes?
When an athlete is having a bad day, I tell them to reflect on all of the training they have done. They have put in the workouts, the intervals, the hills and the distance. Once they start to think about how much they have done, their mood picks up and they feel better.

What makes Coach Beltz Run Happy?
Feeling like I am doing something good for my body. Running with my athletes sets a good example and helps me connect with them. When I run with them it sets a good example and shows them that running is a lifelong sport they can do for a long time.

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