Wide Fit Running Shoes

With Brooks' wide fit running shoes, you'll be running in comfort and style! Whether you're a road runner or a mountain goat, there's a wide running shoe to suit you.

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13 products

Brooks' running shoes for wide feet: a shoe for every foot

It goes without saying that choosing the right size is critical when it comes to finding a new pair of shoes, but how often have you considered the width of your running shoe as well as the length? The last thing you want when you head out for a run is to be distracted by too-narrow shoes that pinch or rub. That's why at Brooks we have the best running shoes for wide feet, so you can find the shoe to suit your needs, no matter what your foot size.

The benefits of wide fit running shoes

When you're adding a new pair of running shoes to your collection, your first priority will naturally be comfort. Do they fit well? Do they enclose and support your feet without squeezing or creating pressure points that could lead to rubbing and blisters? At Brooks, we've put together – dare we say it – a wide range of wide fit running shoes, so you can be sure of finding your perfect fit!

Wide running shoes for all conditions

Want more details? Allow us to highlight a few special examples for you. Our Adrenaline GTS wide fit running trainers for women and men will give you full support and great cushioning for road running, while our Ghost running shoes for wide feet will make you feel like you're running on clouds. Going off-road? You won't be able to beat our Cascadia mountain trail running shoes with wide fit options. Alternatively, you can explore our whole collection of trail running shoes for wide feet. And finally, runners who need wide fit running shoes with extra support can check our range of Brooks stability running shoes..