Women’s Running Jackets & Outerwear

You’ve been looking forward to your run all day, but the clouds are gathering… No worries! With one of our women’s running jackets, you’ll stay warm and dry no matter what the weather.

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5 products

Women's Running Jackets & Outerwear

Whether you're training during the winter, like to go out for a jog in the cool of the morning or want to run during a light rain, ladies' running jackets are a must-have item for your gear bag. Choose from a wide range of women's running outerwear to stay warm while you work out.

Running outerwear for women shields you from the elements

From vests to full-sleeve jackets, women's running coats and other athletic outerwear shields you from the elements to make all-weather jogs and runs more enjoyable. Zip yourself into a Fusion Hybrid jacket for weather-resistant coverage during misty jogs or cool morning workouts. Then, tuck the jacket into the built-in backpack if things warm up during your journey.

For even cooler days, pull the MCM20 Dash 1/2 zip shirt over your head for easy warmth. And if you're running during darker hours, consider an option such as the Carbonite jacket, which has targeted reflection to support safety. You can find the right women's running outerwear for any occasion.

Layers are a great way to support appropriate body temperature as you run. Consider pulling a running jacket for women over a vest and long-sleeve running shirt on the coldest days. You can shed layers as you generate body heat or find that the sun is rising far enough overhead to add ample warmth.