Trail Running Shoes

When you yearn for nature to clear your head, our off road and trail running shoes will take you out into the wild and bring you home again, refreshed and ready for anything.

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12 products

Take a run on the wild side in our trail trainers

Running through the streets and parks is all well and good, but sometimes you need to be surrounded by nature to really clear your head and allow your everyday stresses to just melt away. When you feel that urge, then Brooks trail running shoes will be your trusted off-road companions. We've immersed ourselves in the very latest design technology to bring you a range of trail running trainers that will provide you with a comfortable running experience while keeping your footing stable and secure over uneven terrain.

The trials of trail runners

When you hit the trails for a run, you soon realise you have to take the rough with the smooth, and learn to expect the unexpected. One moment you might be on a fairly even sandy path, the next clambering over rocks. It gets even more interesting when you head into the hills… That's why we've put so much effort into creating trail running shoes that will help you to keep your footing up hill and down dale, so you can enjoy a truly satisfying run out in nature without the risk of injury. That all comes with fantastically comfortable cushioning as well, to absorb the impact as you leap from rock to rock or make your way downhill again after a long climb.

Looking for more specific trail running shoe options?

Head over to take a look at our women's trail runners and men's trail running shoes to find the perfect fit to suit your adventurous spirit! We'd like to specifically recommend our Caldera running shoes,with their high-performance cushioning and support for all terrains.