A man and a woman run from left to right wearing the Glycerin 17. Some clouds have been sketched into the photo beneath their feet.

Get off the sofa. Grab the cushion.

There's nothing like the cushion experience for a smooth run and soft landing. With midsoles specially designed to disperse impact and soften each step, our cushioned running shoes deliver total comfort in every mile.


Cushioned running shoes with GuideRails® support

Your body follows its own unique, natural path of motion as you run. Shoes with GuideRails technology keep you aligned on that preferred path — creating a more comfortable, supported stride.


Neutral cushioned running shoes

Not all runners benefit from alignment support. For those who need a neutral shoe, we have options.

A magnifying glass hovers over a sketched Brooks shoe. Above this is a sketched footprint and the words "shoe finder"

Shoe Finder

However you run, we have a shoe for that.