Cushion Running Shoes

While running can sometimes be hard going, no one said it had to be uncomfortable… Brooks has the best cushioned running shoes on the market. Try them – they’re like clouds beneath your feet!

20 running shoes

20 running shoes

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Brooks has the best cushioned running shoes for you

When you check out our range of high cushion running shoes, you’ll see that the cushion feature is mentioned first. That’s because we believe that comfort for runners should be a high priority. We’ve put a lot of effort into developing the technology behind the most cushioned running shoes on the market. Not only are they comfortable, they provide maximum support, no matter what the terrain.

Running comfort with cushion running shoes

In developing our cushion running shoes, we have paid considerable attention to impact, support, resilience and weight. Our lightweight materials are specially designed to absorb and distribute impact, provide the unique support you need, and return to their original shape after impact, so you can receive the same support, step after step, mile after mile. These durable and reliable high cushion running shoes, which include our renowned Glycerin, Adrenaline and Ghost collections, also come in a fantastic range of designs and colours to suit every wardrobe.

Fantastic cushion running shoes for every runner

Because every runner has their own specific needs, Brooks has a variety of the best cushioned running shoes to choose from. For example, runners who need that little extra care for their feet can take a look at our support running shoes. There’s something there for every gait! We’ve also got a great selection of cushion running shoes to suit different terrains. Road runners can peruse our road running shoes, and those who like to err a little on the wild side will find what they’re looking for among our trail running shoes.

And of course, the most important partnership of all should not be neglected: make sure to pair your best cushioned running shoes with a great set of running socks! Made from lightweight, breathable material that is quick to dry, they’ll ensure you come home just as comfortably as you went out.