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Races and events

Special Olympics USA Games

Coleen smiling while stretching before a run
Andy smiling on a run in the snow
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Brooks believes in supporting runners who compete at the highest level. From the 800m run to ultramarathons, we champion individuals who push themselves to be their best and bring out the best in others.

Andy running on a treadmill measuring his VO2 max

When Andy and Colleen visited headquarters, they were tested to determine their VO2 Max — the maximum amount of oxygen they can utilize during intense exercise.

Meet Colleen and Andy

As part of our commitment to support running excellence, Brooks sponsored two runners who competed at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games: Colleen Bryant and Andy Bryant. Highly accomplished runners in the Seattle area, Colleen and Andy also embody the positive, joyful approach to running that makes up the very essence of Brooks.

Andy and Colleen signed on with our Seattle-based professional team, the Brooks Beasts Track Club. They were given personal training plans from coach Danny Mackey, met with our nutritionist, got tested for their VO2 Max performance, and trained with the team at their annual altitude training camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After training, Andy and Colleen represented Brooks and Team Washington at the Special Olympics USA Games, winning medals in all of their track events.

Colleen and Danny looking at a laptop together

Colleen meets with her Brooks Beasts coach, Danny Mackey, to review her track workout. They also discuss her training and nutrition plans to prepare for her upcoming races at the Special Olympics USA games.

Colleen Bryant, USA Games Gold Medalist

Colleen was diagnosed with autism early in her childhood. Though she hated running in middle school, she joined her high school’s Special Olympics team, competing only in sprint and field events. Over time, her natural athleticism developed, and Colleen became more comfortable running longer distances. She gave up sprints for 800- and 1500-metre races.

Colleen’s persistence and positivity helped her develop into a strong runner. Those same qualities, along with her talent, earned her a place on the Brooks team. Colleen was a fierce competitor at the USA Games, and her hard work paid off. Colleen may have started as a reluctant runner, but now she’s a decorated medalist, winning gold in the women’s 1,500m and 5,000m races at the USA Games.

Colleen running around a track

Thanks to his marathon training, Andy’s stamina and perseverance are unmatched.

Andy Bryant, USA Games Gold Medalist

Simply finishing a marathon is impressive. Finishing 30 marathons? That’s extraordinary. Andy Bryant is just that type of extraordinary. He has raced the Boston Marathon 10 times with a personal best time of 2:55:23. His 2018 finish of the historic race marked the completion of his 30th marathon at only 36 years old.

Andy’s passion for running began early. Diagnosed with autism at age three, Andy started competing with the Special Olympics at age five. Though he initially struggled to complete the assisted-walk events, Andy improved steadily over the years. He thrived under the structure of a training schedule and gradually realized his talent in the marathon.

At the USA Games, Andy won gold in the men’s 3,000m and bronze in the men’s 10,000m races.

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