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Running Tips

Have a Runderful Holiday.

An animated GIF of a stretching woman wearing a holiday sweater adorned with a Brooks Running logo, and a man standing next to her wearing a holiday sweater with a reindeer on it Both people and sweaters depicted flash red in the GIF.
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Deck your shoes with boughs of holly. Or lights. Or bells.

Run festive.

The holiday season is finally upon us. We can probably all agree that some extra cheer is warranted as 2020 comes to a close. Consider the following to take your run from drab to jolly:

Make it lit.

Lace some colour-changing LEDs through your shoelaces to brighten up your routine. Not only will this bring smiles to fellow runners, but you’ll get an extra layer of safety on your nighttime runs, too.

An illustration of a festive pair of holiday socks featuring snowflakes, holiday lights and red, white, and blue colouring.

Jingle all the way.

Oh what fun it is to stride. Make sure the world knows how much you love running and the holiday season with some auditory adornments for your shoes. Hit up your local craft store and find some jingle bells to loop through your shoelaces. Just don’t trip yourself up trying to play your favourite holiday hits while out on the path or trail.

Race like Rudolph.

There might not be a better way for runners to get into the holiday spirit than participating in a festive race. Many races will still be totally virtual or have heavy safety precautions in place, but they’re still plenty of fun. Search for cleverly named races like Jingle Bell 5k, 12ks of Christmas, and more in your area. If it’s too soon to start training for a holiday race, search for a spring race and begin your training this winter. Check out one of our race training plans created by Brooks Beasts coach Danny Mackey.

An illustration of three runners in costumes — one dressed as a present, another as a snowman, and another wearing reindeer antlers and a bright red Rudolph nose

Holiday gear

Your winter fun runs wouldn’t be complete without some festive running gear. Our special Run Merry Collection includes the Merry Revel 4 and apparel with winter-inspired themes like knitted sweaters, snowflakes, hot cocoa, and more. Explore our Holiday Gift Guide and watch for exclusive deals this winter.

Looking for more? Check out our Shoe Finder and Bra Finder to find the perfect piece of gear for you.