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CJ Albertson crossing the finish line
Brooks Athlete

CJ Albertson

A professor and coach at Clovis Community College, CJ’s accolades include a the 50k World Record (2:38:43), the indoor marathon record (2:17:59), and running 2:09 on a treadmill. He was top 5 at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and won the 2023 California International Marathon.

CJ Albertson

Lightning Round

What keeps you motivated as a pro runner?

I stay motivated because I like to compete and see how fast I can be. Since I don’t feel I’ve reached my potential yet, it’s exciting to see what I can do in the future.

What’s your perfect run like?

My perfect run would just be a long run with a bunch of people. Ideally in a forested area, but still on the road with no car traffic. This forested area would also overlook the ocean at times. I think I just described a marathon in Hawaii.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

“Running is easy.” This is a mindset that reminds me to stay relaxed and have fun with running. It also keeps me competitive because I know running is hard for all my competitors, but it’s easy for me.

In his own words

“Running is both a competitive sport and an individual challenge. I love being able to compete in structured races while also being able to do some ridiculously challenging runs completely by myself."

CJ Albertson running
CJ Albertson with the American flag
Hyperion Elite 4
CJ Albertson in stride
CJ Albertson racing

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CJ holding the Hyperion Elite 4