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Running at altitude

Running Tips

Running at altitude: Everything you need to know

Running on high isn't just for the elites - find out how everyday athletes can benefit from running at altitude too.


How running as part of cross-training helps athletes

Love lifting weights, or hitting the yoga mat? Running could be the perfect cross training.

4 min. read

Runner stories

What does it mean to Run Happy?

What inspires our Run Happy Team to pull on their trainers and get out there? Meet some of our inspiring runners from around the world.

3 min. read

How to

How to find the right running cadence for you

What is running cadence, and why does it matter? Here's everything you need to know about finding the ideal cadence on the run.

4 min. read

Runner stories

Grounded in design

A lot goes into the creation of every Brooks run bra. Meet one of our designers, Angelica, and hear her story.

6 min. read


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