Running Jackets & Outerwear

When the weather's threatening to put a dampener on your training schedule, our collection of running coats and windproof running jackets will keep you warm and dry on the road or trail.

28 products

28 products

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Running coats for all weathers

As a keen runner, the last thing you want is for low temperatures or a bit of rain to keep you stuck indoors. That’s why we've put together a fantastic collection of running jackets to suit all conditions, so you can get out there, rain, hail or shine. Whether you just want to stay warm on a fresh early morning run, or keep powering through the showers, we've got running windbreakers and running coats that will keep you toasty and dry till you head back inside.

Top performance running jackets

When it comes to making a great running coat, part of the secret lies naturally in the high-tech materials. Brooks has closely examined all of the options available to come up with high-quality, top performance garments that will keep you warm and dry without smothering you, and protect you from the elements without hindering your freedom of movement. A lightweight but sturdy windproof running jacket, for example, will guarantee you an invigorating run that blows away all the cobwebs, while shielding you from the briskest of breezes. And it goes without saying that a water-resistant running jacket is your best friend at those times of the year when the weather is, shall we say, a little less predictable…

Ready to check out our range of running outerwear and jackets?

Click through to find more specific information on our women's running jackets and men's running jackets! We've attractive, high-quality and top performance running jackets to suit all tastes and desires. With our winter running gear, you'll be able to put together a whole rough weather outfit that guarantees you a great run, no matter what the season. Needless to say, we've incorporated safety features such as eye-catching colours and reflective fabrics, to keep you highly visible at the darker times of the year.