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Run Merry shoe display

It's here!

Are you ready
to Run Merry?

Our annual holiday party for your feet is back. This year, we’re jingling all the bells for the super springy Run Merry Levitate 5 — right in time for your many holiday adventures.

Brooks gifts display

Enjoy a little extra

From us to you this holiday

Run Merry with a free gift when you spend €130 - choose from a top or socks for cosy runs all season long. Available while stocks last.

Playing in the snow
Healthy food for holiday adventures

These easy-to-make and nutritious recipes are excellent options for holiday treats. Ideal for runners!

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Background with gifts

Gifts for every runner

Our Holiday Gift Guide is live!

From top of the range shoes to must-have accessories, we have selected the most beautiftul running gifts for you. You might even recognize yourself or your favorite runner in one of our wish-lists. Curious?

Stories to transform your run

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  • A woman and a man running
    Gift ideas for the one who keeps it all together

    Treat them to running gear that’ll have their back all winter long.

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  • Music
    Songs for your stride

    5 running playlists to help you keep moving

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  • A woman and a man running in the mountains
    What do you give the Running Visionary?

    Our gear will knock the performance socks of any running nerd...

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    Sign up today for new arrivals, sales, and limited-edition releases. It's the next best thing to signing up yesterday.

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  • Illustration
    A woman in the mountains
    A man running in the mountains
    Make the most out of trail running

    These 6 tips will help with transitioning from the streets to the trails.

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We believe in the
transformative power
of the run

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