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Happy runner listening music

Run community

Songs for your stride

Here are five new playlists for you to try on your next run.

Gear and Technology

Gifts for the Running Visionary

What to buy for that runner in your life - you know the one, who always has the latest gear, and knows about all the top races? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our guides to gifts that will impress even the most discerning runner in your life.

2 min. read


How to start thinking about your first marathon training plan

Signed up to your first 26.2? Get race-ready with our 18-week marathon training plan to help you go the distance.

4 min. read


Crush your goal time with this 18-week half-marathon training plan

Are you ready to run a half marathon? You will be when you follow our 18-week training plan, designed to help you Run Happy.

3 min. read

Gear and Technology

Gifts for the One Who Keeps It All Together

They're the friend who organises all your running routes, comes prepared with post-run snacks for everyone, and always have a spare pair of gloves and hand sanitiser in their pack... just in case you forget. Keep your most organised running buddy happy with these great gifts.

1 min. read


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