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Running Tips

How to stay healthy during the Christmas season

A funny chalk art style illustration of a Christmas ornament with legs runs along a forest trail while it’s snowing.
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Overconsuming candy canes, stressing out over finding the perfect gift, and fighting the cold-weather blues can make you feel less merry and bright. Take care of yourself this winter.

Treat yourself well

The holidays are meant to be a joyous season. You can and should celebrate accordingly. Here are some reminders to keep you happy and healthy this winter.

Get some Zzzs

The holidays bring opportunity for days off, and while it may be tempting to catch up on your binge watching into all hours of the night, don’t ignore your body’s need for sleep. Getting a full night’s sleep will help rejuvenate you for the next day, and countless studies now show that adequate sleep helps fight heart disease, weight gain, and more.

An chalk art style illustration of a runner smiling while asleep in a bed with running shoes laying on the floor ready to go for the morning run.

Scrub those hands

Washing well and often seems simple and obvious, but the holidays can put you into contact with more people than usual, whether you’re out shopping or enjoying some family time. Be sure to lather your whole hands and wash for 20 seconds with warm water. Avoid hot water, as it can dry and crack your skin. Scrubbing up, and masking up for that matter, helps prevent the spread of germs.

An illustration of a pair of hands lathering up with a bar of soap.

Think delicious, but stay nutritious

Don’t deprive yourself of joy during the holidays. Have some sweets, get after those carbs, and enjoy all the flavors of the season. But don’t forget your veggies. Putting lots of colors on your plate is one way to ensure you’re getting good nutrition.

An illustration of a woman sticking her tongue out in hunger as she gestures towards a plate of cookies and glass of milk.

Prioritize self-care

The holidays can be a busy, stressful time — don’t skimp on your emotional and mental wellness. Read a good book, watch your favorite movie, and find relaxing activities or hobbies that aren’t work related. Consider meditating, which can give your brain some time off from the busy world around you. You can find lots of apps to help get you get started.

A runner wearing a tank top with a Brooks logo sits in the middle of a room in a yoga pose while surrounded by plants and a sleeping cat.

The run is always there for you

The season can push and pull you in so many different ways. Being consistent with your normal running training cadence is one of the best healthy holiday habits. Aside from the physical benefits, running can elevate your mood.

An illustration of a Santa’s hat, candy cane, and holiday ornament, all with legs, running a race in the snow.

If you want to give some structure to your regular running, check out our 5k and 10k training plans created by Brooks Beasts coach Danny Mackey. Even if you’re not getting ready for a race, following these plans can help keep your running consistent this winter.

Need some gear to keep you moving during the Christmas season? Check out our Shoe Finder and Bra Finder.

Run happy and stay healthy this winter.