Running Spikes & Racing Flats

When just seconds can mean the difference between a medal or a wooden spoon, the Brooks range of running spikes and racing flats will give you the edge you need.

9 running shoes

9 running shoes

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Hone your performance with elite racing flats and running spikes

Whether you're a competitive sprinter or distance runner, mere seconds can make all the difference in the world. That's where the Brooks running spikes and racing flats come in. We've combined all our expertise in athletic footwear to produce lightweight, streamlined and supportive racing running flats that will help to edge you over the finish line ahead of your competitors.

Gone in a flash or in it for the long haul – we've got the racing flats for you

Whether you're a track sprinter or a long-distance, cross-country runner, we have the elite performance racing flats and running spikes to meet your needs. Track runners can count on featherweight running spikes that provide fantastic traction on hard surfaces in all weathers, helping you to gain those all-important microseconds for a successful race. Long-distance track spikes give additional support for long runs, while cross-country running spikes help you keep your footing on slick, uneven terrain. You can rely on Brooks racing running flats for the competitive edge!

Want to know more about our racing flats and running spikes?

Check out our women's running spikes and men's running spikes for extra specifications. Complement them with our trendy, high-performance racing gearfor a fantastic result. See you on the podium!