Road Running Shoes

When you're ready to hit the road, we'll make sure you hit it in perfect comfort and style with our specialised road shoes. We've put together a collection of road shoes to meet every need.

43 running shoes

43 running shoes

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Hitting the road in specialised Brooks road shoes

In our urban environment, running on paved surfaces is almost unavoidable, particularly if you want to clock up some serious kilometres. When you're researching footwear, then, road running shoes seem like an obvious option. (Sidenote: they're also great for indoor tracks and the treadmill at the gym!) Brooks has a huge variety of road trainers available, so you'll need to think about what you're looking for. For example, are you running half an hour a day just to get moving more, or do you have your sights fixed on further horizons and greater distances? And have you given your gait some thought? Perhaps you have a tendency to overpronate or supinate, or perhaps you've got a perfectly neutral gait. Whatever your plans, your running style and your gait, we're sure to have the road running shoe to delight your heart.

Trendy road trainers

We're sure we don't need to mention that great looks are also worth considering. Fortunately, our road shoes come in just about every colour and style imaginable, so you're sure to find the perfect shoe to complete your outfit! If you're a night owl, don't forget to check out our high-visibility options too.

Refining your search for road running trainers

Take a look at our women's road running shoes or men's road running trainers, to whittle down your options even further. And for a fantastically comfortable and stylish shoe, you can't go past our Ghost collection!