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Oops! You caught us with our shoes untied.

We apologise. Our Bra Finder Tool is undergoing maintenance and will be back up and running with exciting new improvements shortly. In the meantime, we’ve created a mini bra finder below, so you can still find the perfect fine-tuned fit. You can also sign up to get an alert when the Bra Finder Tool is up again.

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Run bra mini finder

Choose from the Dare Collection's run-ready, moulded support or the Drive Collection’s run-ready, compressive support.

Pick your fit

A close up of a woman in a Dare Crossback Run Bra

Dare Holds You In

Made with built-in moulded cups to hold you in and reduce motion, the Dare Collection features a seamless design to free you from uncomfortable distractions like chafing.

Drive Moves with You

Designed with flexible fabric that hugs your body for comfortable compression to reduce breast motion, the Drive Collection also offers coverage options like removable cups.

A close up of a woman running outdoors in a Drive Mesh Run Bra

Pick your feature

Pockets, mesh, straps, unicorns. Okay, not unicorns, but we’ve got tons of features for you to feel like your best, empowered self.

Fit Guide

Check out our fit tips, measuring guides, and solutions to common issues.

fit guide
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