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Two runnerse on a trail

So...what’s the best way to run?

There is no one “right” way to run. We know this thanks to years of performing running gait analyses. Because of factors like bone shape and ligament strength, we each have a unique way of running that works for us. And we’re not here to “fix” your run—only to perfect it. Scroll down to learn more about your Run Signature.

Run Signature: A stride all your own

Our studies show that when you move your legs, your joints have their own natural path of least resistance that optimizes muscle use and saves energy.

It’s a set of motions your body seeks to repeat over and over again as you run. We call this natural path your Run Signature because it is unique to you.

Analyzing feet on a screen
Women testing a shoe on a treadmill
Filming stride on a treadmill

Experience it now with our Shoe Finder

Should you choose neutral or support shoes?

Some runners constantly deviate from their Run Signature through excess knee and ankle movement. To help these runners stay in their optimal motion path, we designed GuideRails® technology, found in our support shoes.

Runners who stay within their natural movement patterns may prefer neutral shoes.

Heel monitor
Man putting a knee monitor on a woman
Runner on a treadmill

The next step: Choose your experience

What are you looking for in a running shoe? Choose one of our four running experiences to get the shoe that’s best for your plans.

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Ready to find the right shoe for you?

Our Shoe Finder helps you find shoes that match your body and your plans. All you need to do is answer ten questions.

Were you the type who paid attention in biology class?

Dive deeper into the science behind Run Signature.

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Still have questions? Ask a Guru for expert advice.

Shopping for running gear doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Brooks Gurus have the experience and knowledge to help you improve your run or find the perfect gift.

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