Reach new speeds in the Hyperion Max. A responsive, lightweight midsole helps you get the most out of your fastest workouts.

34 running shoes

34 running shoes

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  • Find your lightspeed

    Nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole technology combines energy return with a responsive ride that’s built for training at top speed.

  • What’s new in the Hyperion Max?

    Substantial DNA FLASH midsole cushioning returns energy and adapts to your stride while it absorbs impact for maximum mileage. Plus, the unique curving of the heel and toe makes transitions effortlessly fast.

Hyperion Running Shoes

This gear won’t hold you back — explore the Hyperion running shoe collection made to help you work out harder. While you grind through rep after rep of training, feel the payoff with running shoes designed to fast-track your rebound. With the Hyperion Max, there is additional protection in the form of substantial midsole foam that helps absorb impact on the toughest workouts.

Lightest running shoes for training at top speed built to absorb the most difficult of workouts.

Are you ready for take-off? The Hyperion shoe collection is designed to return the energy you put into every stride. Explore men’s and women’s lightweight running shoes to help you boost your pace. So when you put in your 100%, you get the most out of it.

Beat the heat with a breathable fit that keeps you on track. The Hyperion collection helps you handle each curve and bump along the road. So you can shave the seconds off your track time without breaking a sweat. You have your eye on the prize, and with the Hyperion shoe collection, our lightest and toughest shoes keep you at top performance.