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Gear and Technology

Gifts for the Running Visionary

Two runners chatting in winter gear

We all know a Running Visionary. They’re hip to the latest gear, they know all the pros, they have a RunnerSpace subscription that you shamelessly use. Sound familiar? Our gear will knock the performance socks off any running nerd this holiday season.

Sleigh the competition:

The Running Visionary doesn’t cut corners when finding the latest and greatest gear, keeping up with trends, and looking for unique adds to their run kit.

Whether they’re prepping for a road race or defending your Strava segments, the Running Visionary is constantly scouring their favorite athlete’s Instagram for tech and gear shoutouts, limited-edition shoes, and the chance to rep their favorite pro teams with giveaway swag.

Woman running in a pink vest
Man running in a blue vest

Get the gear

Finding the perfect gifts for this runner can be tough. They love cutting-edge gear that’s ahead of the curve. Lucky for you, we’ve got the high-tech, efficient apparel and shoes the Running Visionary in your life needs to feel their best. Our super-sleek Levitate StealthFit GTS 5 matches this runner’s enthusiasm with energetic pop and looks good doing it.

Check out our best and brightest for the Running Visionary in your life:

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Lay down of all the vest

Run happy this holiday season.