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Launch vs. Launch GTS: Best starter running shoes for speed and support

Launch vs. Launch GTS
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Break new ground with our speed-running shoes. Here’s how the Launch and Launch GTS compare.

Whether you’re looking to increase your running cadence or add speed workouts to your running routine, a dedicated speed-running shoe can help you go the distance. Designed for quick transitions, speed-running shoes offer a responsive and adaptive ride, so you can sail through your runs.

Feel light on your feet with the Launch collection

Feel light on your feet with the Launch collection

Built for everyday speed, the Launch running shoe collection makes a great speed-running shoe. Compared to the Hyperion line, which offers advanced features for more experienced and longer-distance runners, the Launch offers dependable speed for tempo runs, track workouts, and short races. And compared to the Ghost, our best-selling running shoe, the Launch provides greater flexibility for quicker movements.

But how do the Launch and Launch GTS compare? And what exactly is GTS? Let’s dive into the details, so you can get the right speed-running shoe for your unique stride.

Launch vs. Launch GTS: A side-by-side comparison

Launch vs. Launch GTS: A side-by-side comparison

The Launch and Launch GTS are highly similar, with one main difference. Here’s how they stack up in five key areas:

  1. Responsive cushioning: Both the Launch and Launch GTS offer lightweight DNA cushioning that’s soft, responsive, and adapts to your stride for a fast experience.
  2. Quick transitions: Both shoes feature a unique rubber outsole pattern that’s designed to encourage fast and efficient heel-to-toe transitions, so you can stay nimble during speed workouts.
  3. Performance fit: The engineered warp knit upper on both the Launch and Launch GTS delivers a breathable, locked-down fit that holds the foot secure, so strides feel second nature.
  4. Smart support: Here’s where the two shoes diverge. While both models prioritize comfort, the Launch GTS features GuideRails® technology, which adds extra support by keeping excess movement in check.
  5. Running routines: The sleek and speedy Launch and Launch GTS both make great starter shoes for runners who are just getting into speed workouts and racing.

What does GTS stand for?

GTS stands for go-to support. We add the GTS label on all Brooks running shoes with GuideRails® support. Check out the video below to see how the Launch 10 and Launch GTS 10 compare.

Launch 10 explained

Launch: A speedy ride for neutral runners

Launch: A speedy ride for neutral runners

Dial up your workouts with the Launch for men and women. Designed to provide comfort and durability on fast runs, this shoe features lightweight DNA cushioning that adapts to each runner’s unique weight and stride for a smooth, speedy feel. On the outside, the rubber outsole pattern encourages quick transitions for an efficient toe-off, while the updated upper holds your foot securely. Translation? More speed and more confidence during workouts.

Let’s talk about deviation

The Launch is a neutral shoe that’s best suited to low deviators. But what exactly does this mean? Generally speaking, most runners are either low deviators or high deviators. Deviation refers to how much your body strays from its baseline movement pattern when you go from a relaxed, natural state to your running stride. For runners whose running motion aligns with their baseline movement (low deviators), we recommend neutral shoes. For runners who deviate from that baseline (high deviators), a support shoe can help guide their body back into its natural way of moving.

Not sure if you need extra support? Head to your local running store for a stride analysis or try our shoe finder for a self-assessment.

Launch GTS: Added stabilization for support runners

Launch GTS: Added stabilization for support runners

Stay comfortably in stride on tempo runs with the Launch GTS for men and women. The Launch GTS includes all of the features of the Launch, plus our GuideRails® support technology to help stabilize every step. This built-in technology is designed to support your body’s natural motion path while keeping excess movement in check (like excess shin and heel rotation), so you can run with more comfort and less pain.

The GuideRails® support system is made of two firm pieces of foam on either side of the heel. On the inside of the heel, the foam reduces the rolling of the foot inward. On the outside of the heel, the foam is both firmer and higher, reducing the shifting of the heel in the outward direction.

Find your fast track

Find your fast track

Both the Launch and Launch GTS are great running shoes for speed workouts. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your unique movement pattern and the level of support your feet need. If you’re a low deviator seeking a neutral speed-running shoe, the Launch is your best bet. 

On the other hand, extra stabilization may be required. If you’re a high deviator in need of added support, the Launch GTS is your go-to. 

Not sure if the Launch is right for you? Take our shoe finder quiz to find your perfect match. Our Run Happy Promise means you can put your new shoes to the test for 90 days. If you don’t love them, return them for free.

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Disclaimer: Our writer's advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition, or fitness routines.