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A woman and a man running in the dark

The new Levitate 5

From not feeling it
to I crushed it

Experience our highest energy return with the Levitate 5—packed with super-springy DNA AMP cushioning.

Alter Ego
Discover your Alter Ego

Find out who you will become when you lace up in the new Levitate 5

Energize collection

Two different color combinations of the Levitate 5
Get more energy in every stride

Optimize your effort with shoes that absorb energy and return it back for a springy feel.

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Side view of a bunch of runners running.
Run Happy Team

Become part of the Brooks
Run Happy Team 2022!

Do you love to run because it gives you positive energy? Do you love to inspire others to run on your social channels? Do you want to remind the world how happy running can make you?

A man running on trail

New Cascadia 16

Explore any Trail

Whether root-riddled paths or muddy mayhem, you can take on any trail with the adaptable, stable ride of the Cascadia 16.

Stories to transform your run

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  • Running on trail
    Trail running tips for beginners

    New to trail running and wondering where to get started? Our experts will have you running on the beaten path in no time. 

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  • Bra illustration
    The best bra for you

    Your step-by-step guide to a great fit.

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  • Scott Jurek
    Scott Jurek
    A man with two children
    Meet Scott Jurek

    The ultra running legend needs no introduction, but just in case… Find out more about Scott’s achievements and how the Jureks combine ultras with family life.

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