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10 products

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Women's Walking Shoes

Whether you're building up to 10,000 steps a day, moving through a Couch to 5k program or already an avid runner, there's something for you in the Brooks line of running and walking shoes for women. Shop ladies' walking shoes that offer stabilisation and comfort as well as road running shoes with plenty of cushion to keep you bouncing along.

A full range of women's walking trainers

Walking is great exercise, whether you're taking a slow stroll through the neighbourhood or a brisk power walk through the park. The best ladies' walking trainers support you through whatever movement you're managing. Look for options with slip-resistant soles so you can manage damp pavement and plenty of cushion for all-day comfort. The Addiction Walker 2 excels in both those areas, and you might also consider the Addiction Walker 2 with v-strap closures.

Move from walking to running

Ready to move from a brisk walk to a light jog? Buy women's walking and running shoes that work well at any pace. The Ariel '20 and Addiction 14 are two examples of road running shoes that are comfortable and functional whether you're walking, jogging or hitting a full-out run.

Looking for comfortable walking shoes? Women's walking shoes come in a great variety, so you'll always find your perfect fit. Browse the complete selection of women's walking shoes to find options that fit your personal style and fitness preferences.