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Women's Trail Running Shoes

Cruise over rocks, roots and rolling terrain in shoes designed to keep up during off-road adventures.

5 running shoes
5 running shoes

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Trail Running Shoes for Ladies

When you're hitting the trail for a run, you want shoes on your feet that you can trust to protect you the entire way. Women's trail running shoes are designed to keep you stable and sure-footed as you traverse terrain that may throw rocks, roots and even small streams your way.

All-terrain shoes for women support stability

Look for shoes that let you pivot, leap and lunge as well as run, because you never know what might show up on the trail that you have to avoid. The Cascadia 15 GTX supports this kind of flexible stability with a unique Pivot Post System that adapts to terrain as you make your way across it.

Other options for women's trail trainers include the Divide 2, Caldera 5 and Catamount. When you're looking at these and other trail running shoes in this selection, notice the focus on flexibility as well as protection.

You want ladies' trail shoes that leave your foot free to move as necessary while also building a barrier between you and the elements. Rock protection in the soles and extra cushioning are just some of the ways Brooks trail running shoes stand up to those challenges. With the right trail shoes, women just like you can brave any terrain.

Check out the entire line of ladies' trail running shoes to find the ideal fit for your feet and adventurous spirit.