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Ghost 14: Your smoothest run

A man and a woman running outside in the Ghost 14.

100% DNA LOFT cushioning for a soft feel

Get in the zone with DNA LOFT

DNA LOFT cushioning perfectly blends foam, rubber and air for softness that’s also light and durable. The Ghost now delivers more DNA LOFT for a smoother, softer run with less distractions. Get in the zone and focus on your run.

A close up of a foot wearing the Ghost 14 with an arrow behind the shoe pointing to the right. “100%” is handwritten to the left of the foot and “soft DNA LOFT cushioning” is handwritten to the right.

Dive into the Ghost 14 details

The Ghost 14.
The knit upper of the Ghost 14 with two arrows pointing out in opposite directions from the word “fit” handwritten above the upper.
Enhanced fit

A 3D fit knit upper adjusts to your foot for a secure distraction-free fit

Arrow Right
The midsole of the Ghost 14 with an illustration of DNA LOFT molecules.
Arrow left
Streamlined cushioning

A uniform midsole boosts softness and smoothness underfoot

Arrow Right
The sole of the Ghost 14 with illustrated arrows below the sole.
Better transitions

Soft cushioning underfoot means smoother transitions from heel to toe

Arrow Right
A close up of the foot of someone lacing up the Ghost 14.

Our first carbon neutral shoe

More miles. Less impact.

The Ghost 14 offers a soft, light ride, now with an even lighter footprint.

Climate Action Program

We’re committed to first reducing emissions and then offsetting the rest.

Net zero emissions

We’re taking strides toward net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

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Choose the right cushion

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Two pairs of Ghost 14s separated by an illustrated arrow.

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