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Explore any trail

Whether root-riddled paths or muddy mayhem, you can take on any trail with the adaptable, stable ride of the Cascadia 16.

The Cascadia 16

Cue rocks and roots

The new grooved midsole of the adaptable Cascadia 16 keeps you centered, while softer, lighter DNA LOFT v2 adjusts to your stride for a smooth ride no matter the surface.

Press play to reach any peak.

Running in the Cascadia 16

Built trail-runner tough

If you want to take on anything from slippery surfaces to scree scrambles, the Cascadia 16 is for you. The TrailTack provides sticky, reliable traction, while the flexible Ballistic Rock Shield with vertical grooves protects you from sharp, hard terrain. See what Scott Jurek, trail running legend, has to say about the versatility of the Cascadia 16.

This Cascadia has it all. It combines features of previous versions into a complete vehicle of runability. The comfort and versatility on all types of terrain is the best I’ve experienced!

Scott Jurek Trail running legend 

Onward and upward

In 2004, trail running legend Scott Jurek partnered with Brooks to revolutionize the trail running shoe. Seventeen years later, he’s still pressing forward, bringing you the 16th iteration of the new and improved Cascadia.

Scott Jurek holding the different models of the Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes

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