Trail running gear

If your gymnasium is the outdoors, we have the perfect trail-running gear for you.

32 products

32 products

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Trail-running collection

Getting off the beaten path has numerous rewards. Trail running lets you explore woods and other picturesque settings while getting away from the crowds at the gym or park. Moving up and down hills and avoiding obstacles on the trail can also put new muscles to work and help you work on stability during runs. Gearing up with the best trail-running apparel helps you make the most of these off-road running adventures.

Choosing trail-running clothes

Pick athletic apparel that holds up to rugged wear and won't blink at being caught briefly on a branch or thorn. Opting for lightweight all-weather trail-running gear, such as the Canopy jacket, can be a good idea. You'll likely want gear that can protect you from moisture and insects, but is light and fits easily into a small backpack. If it warms up on your run, you may want to shed your layers.

Best gear for trail running: shoes

A pair of shoes with plenty of grip and a lot of cushion can be ideal on the trail. You'll be stepping on uneven ground, navigating obstacles such as rocks and roots, and running across dirt, grass and other landscapes. Good companions for the journey can include the Caldera 5 or Catamount running shoes, both of which sport excellent grip.

Supplement your outdoor running gear with options from this selection of the best trail-running apparel today.