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Get to know our factory partners

To create our best-in-class running shoes and gear, we partner with factories around the world who are experts in their craft. These factories and the tens of thousands of highly skilled people they employ make it possible to see our dream designs brought to life.

Get to know our  factory partners

We believe in transparency

We have aligned with the Transparency Pledge, a pledge for apparel and footwear companies to publicly showcase their commitment towards greater transparency in the manufacturing supply chain. We publicly disclose our Tier 1 final-assembly and 80% (by $ spend) of Tier 2 material and component factories, which can be found here [Download File]. We also contribute to the Open Supply Hub (OSH), a collaborative supply chain mapping platform. With this contribution, we support the expansion of transparency efforts in the footwear and apparel industry.

Our factories

The below map is annually updated to show all known Brooks factories in the manufacturing supply chain.


12 factories

Tier 1: Final assembly

USA 1, El Salvador 1, Taiwan 2, Vietnam 7, Indonesia 1

164 factories

Tier 2: Material and component manufacturing

USA 2, Guatemala 2, El Salvador 6, Honduras 1, China 55, Japan 2, Taiwan 30, Hong Kong 5, Vietnam 52, Indonesia 9

10 factories

Tier 3: Raw material processing

El Salvador 1, China 3, Taiwan 6

37 factories

Tier 4: Raw material cultivation

Mexico 1, El Salvador 1, China 13, Japan 8, Taiwan 13, Singapore 1

Tier 1 spotlight

We are proud to work with these footwear Tier 1 final-assembly factories, and want to give well-deserved credit to the people who make our products possible. Click below to find out more about them and why we sought them out as partners in our supply chain.