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How to run – A step by step guide

Illustrated confused runner with shoes on hands
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R  unning is fun and we want people to do it, so we made a handy visual guide. It’s sort of accurate. Sort of.

1. Fuel with a balanced diet

Illustrated figure snacking on a recliner

2. Make time

Illustrated figure waking up early

3. Wear comfortable shoes

Illustrated figure wearing scuba fins

4. Find a flat surface

Four panels of an illustrated figure looking for a flat surface

5. Walk, but faster. Remember it’s not a competition.

Illustrated figure walking with a snail, sloth, and turtle

6. Congrats! You’re running

Illustrated figure running with a snail, sloth, and turtle holding on
Whether you’re training for race day or looking to have fun in the sun, Brooks has versatile gear to help you make the most out of summer.

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Run Summer Collection
Written By
Eric Lundquist

Brooks Staff Writer and Brand Copywriter

Eric Lundquist

Eric is a former forklift driver, failed stand-up comedian, failed script writer, failed clickbait author, and aspiring failed brand copywriter for Brooks. He’s a fitness enthusiast, especially when it comes to fitness many jokes as possible into whatever he’s working on.

Written By
Spencer Glenn

Digital Designer

Illustration of Spencer Glenn

Spencer has been working at Brooks as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2019. In his spare time, he likes to get outdoors, play basketball, and be involved in the Seattle music scene. He also enjoys working on a web comic about his life with his wife, Glo.