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The words Sports Bra crossed out and replaced with Run Bra

Forty years of biomechanical research and hundreds of in-depth conversations with runners led us to a new era of bras. Meet the run bra.

Two women running outdoors wearing the Drive Convertible and Drive Interlace Run Bras

Brooks Run Bras

The Dare and Drive Collections

A close up of a woman in a Dare Crossback Run Bra

Dare Holds You In

Made with built-in moulded cups to hold you in and reduce motion, the Dare Collection features a seamless design to free you from uncomfortable distractions like chafing.

Drive Moves with You

Designed with flexible fabric that hugs your body for comfortable compression to reduce breast motion, the Drive Collection also offers coverage options like removable cups.

A close up of a woman running outdoors in a Drive Mesh Run Bra
A close up of a woman running outdoors in a Drive Convertible Run Bra

Uniquely Designed for Runners

A salmon-colored run bra wrapped by a blue arrow
Run-ready support

Brooks Run Bras reduce breast motion and provide comfort across a wide range of sizes. We call it run-ready support.

A blue run bra with pink stars on one strap.
No more chafing

Lightweight materials and an innovative hidden bottom band act like a second skin to reduce irritation.

Multiple sizes and styles

Comfort and support come in a wide range of sizes, from A-FF.

Take a 90-Day Test Run

Brooks Run Bras will improve your run. So, try one for 90 days. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Return it for free. That’s our Run Happy Promise.

Made to move with you

The All-New Drive Collection

Designed specifically for the high-impact nature of running, Drive Run Bras are made with lightweight and compressive materials that move with your body, and customizable coverage options like removable cups.

Holds you in

Explore the Dare Collection

Made with built-in moulded cups, Dare Run Bras hold you in to deliver motion reduction and comfort. Engineered with a seamless design featuring streamlined smooth shaping, Dare eliminates uncomfortable distractions.

Ready to improve your run?

Breaking Down Run Bra Technology

Why do you need a bra built for running? Because without one you lose 4 cm with every step—a mile over the course of a marathon. Discover how we changed the bra game.

Two women running outdoors in Drive Convertible and Dare Crossback Run Bras

Run with the facts

Discover the myths about fit and feel to choose a bra that will transform your run

Are you running in the right bra?

In under five minutes our Bra Finder helps you find the perfect bra for your run.

Find a store near you

Find your perfect match by trying Brooks Run Bras at your nearest retailer