Running Clothes

From shorts to tops, warm-ups to race-day kit, we're ready to outfit your run from head to toe. Find your running clothes and sports apparel at Brooks.

170 products

170 products

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  • All-new apparel just dropped

    Time to refresh your run. Check out new apparel designed for smooth, streamlined comfort and distraction-free runs.

  • High Point Collection

    Hit the trails in the head-to-toe High Point Collection, featuring technical apparel designed with unique features to protect you on the trail. Plus, the Catamount 2, engineered to enhance uphill efficiency.

  • Support meets style

    Engineered specifically for the way your body moves, Brooks Run Bras deliver lab-tested high-impact support and a comfortable fit.

  • Let's find the run bra you've been looking for

    Our Bra Finder helps you find the best options based on what you like-and don't like-in a run bra.

Running wear for any occasion

When you think of running, you might think of running shoes first. Note to self: don't underestimate running clothes. With the right running gear, you'll be well dressed from head to toe. Running clothes are known for their comfort and freedom of movement. Sports clothing in the UK consists of warm items for the winter, such as thermal shirts, hoodies and jackets. Running clothes like shorts, breathable shirts and tank tops are ideal for warm temperatures or if you get hot easily while running. Last but not least: running socks! We can highly recommend them, since running socks give you way more comfort and ventilation than regular ones.

Running gear for a more comfortable run

Besides running clothes, you can also benefit from running gear. Think of a headband to keep your ears warm or a cap to protect your eyes from the sun. Do you like to run early in the morning or late in the evening? Reflective sports apparel is definitely a must. The Brooks Run Visible Collection is made for running in the dark, so you will be seen by other people on the road. We also offer supportive running shoes for those looking for extra foot support when on their runs.

For all your running apparel

Whether you are looking for running wear for women or running wear for men, we’ve got your back. Go to your nearest shop or order directly on the Brooks website. If you buy running gear on our website, you can try the items for 90 days. If you aren’t happy, we’re not happy either. In that case, you can return your running gear for free and receive a full refund. Really.