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Running Sports Bras

A great running bra can transform your workout. Shop styles for every body type and activity level.

24 products
24 products

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  • Let's find the run bra you've been looking for

    Our Bra Finder helps you find the best options based on what you like, and don't like, in a run bra.

  • Hill yeah

    No matter how rocky the trail gets, we have the gear to keep you rolling. Our trail collection has options for any style of all-terrain running.

  • Gear up for a down to earth run

    Stay in your element with earthy designs from the Terra Collection. These earth-inspired women’s shoes are available in the Revel 5 and the Ghost 14.

Women's Running Sports Bras

A running bra is one of the most important pieces of gear in the bag of many female athletes. A supportive sports bra for running can transform your workout by reducing unwanted movement and bouncing and making you more comfortable as you jog, sprint or hit the perfect stride for an endurance race.

Choosing the right sports bra for running

A high-quality running bra that fits well is going to have more chance of long-term success than one that's too big or small. So, pay special attention to sizing and measurements to ensure you get the best sports bra.

Then, consider what type of support you need and want. This depends on factors such as the size and makeup of your breasts as well as the type of running you do. If you're going to be pounding it out on pavement with sprints and HIIT running workouts, you may want a high-intensity run bra with plenty of built-in support. Such a high impact sports bra will make it easier to push your limits during your workout.

The Dare racerback run bra is a high support sports bra designed to reduce motion and support comfort. Built-in molded cups help lift and hold even when you're running your fastest in the home stretch of a race. Women who enjoy underwire support can find it in a high impact running bra; the Dare underwire run bra is just one option.

Browse the selection of women's sports bras for running to find an option and size that works for you.