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Run Happy

The Brooks BlueLine Lab

It’s not rocket science. But it’s close.

Introducing the out-of-this-world technology of BlueLine. The BlueLine Lab is charting the course for the future of running shoes by developing limited quantities of innovative prototypes at a sprinter’s pace. Stay tuned for June, when we release the Aurora-BL — a gravity-defying shoe right here on earth. Sign up and be the first to know when it takes off. Happy landings.

Step into the lab

Run Happy
Run Happy
Run Happy
run happy

"The ability to quickly scale and leverage our innovative technologies while venturing into the unknown. We integrate new technologies into full shoes, then release them quickly to market, providing a new, better experience for all who run."

BlueLine Lab History

In major marathons, racers follow the blue line – the fastest route from start to finish. Our BlueLine Lab tackles futuristic shoe technology with the same approach, using the fastest path to get advanced prototypes developed and onto the feet of runners at lightspeed. The BlueLine team is quick on their feet and have been breaking new ground in speed, trail and cushion shoes for years. Take a look at the roadmap of BlueLine Lab shoes, past to present.

Houston, we have lift off

The gravity-defying Aurora-BL is about to take off. Sign up to be notified when the latest BlueLine Lab shoe launches and when other gear goes into orbit.

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