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Running Tips

How to start running: Left foot, Right foot!

A runner stretches and laughs with two fellow runners
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Do you want to know how to start running? Just go. That’s it. End of article.

Just kidding (sort of). Putting foot to pavement, track, trail or treadmill is certainly the biggest step to getting started, but if you want to keep running, it’s important to set goals, create routines, make smart choices, and choose the right gear.

Start running again! It's easy (and hard)

Let’s be honest: running can be hard. If you’re just getting started, you’ll probably ache, and your body might cramp up in places you didn’t know could cramp.

The good news? Running is one of the most inclusive and easy-to-access sports out there — people with a range of abilities can participate, you can go alone or run in groups, set out at any hour, and cover just about any terrain.

What do you want from the run?

Challenges like cramps and aches diminish as you run more regularly and develop good habits like stretching, keeping hydrated, and eating a balanced diet. To make it even easier to become a consistent runner, identify your run motivation and create goals to match.

Two runners, one with hands on his hips and the other with hands raised high in celebration, look out at a picturesque mountain landscape.

Are you running to get fit? Set goal numbers for things like calories burned, kilos lost, and body-mass index.

Maybe you’re searching for an active way to get some quality time with yourself. If so, schedule out your runs a month in advance so you can take ownership of that time.

Preparing for a race? Our beginner 5K and 10K training guides can help you get set for the starting line, ready to break PBs, and shoot your first snot rockets.

Tip: Learn about PBs, snot rockets, and more in our handy glossary of weird running words.

Adopting a plan and being consistent (and persistent) with it can keep you moving forward on your runner’s journey.

Closeup shot of a runner’s leg in a seated calf stretch position.

3 tips to start running (again)

You’ve got the gear, and you’ve defined your goals. But if you need a little extra push rather than just getting out there and getting it done, here are our top tips to start running - or to start running again after a break.

Run with friends

One of our top tips to begin running? Do it with friends! Not only is it much more fun to pound the pavement or hit the trails with friends, but it’ll also ensure you actually get out there when it’s cold and dark outside. If you’ve agreed to meet Nina at 7am for a run, then there’s no hitting the snooze button!

Follow a plan

If you’re happy to just get out there and wing it, then go for it! But many of us need more structure, both in life and in running. One of the best tips to start running is to follow a plan that tells you when to run, for long long, or for how far - so all you need to do is lace up and put your best feet forward. Couch to 5k is one of the most popular plans out there for beginner runners and is a great way to start building up to your first 5k. Alternatively, try our 5k, 10K or half marathon training plans.

Visit our Blog

Our Blog provides gear advice and running tips for beginners. You will find the best advice about getting started on your running journey and help you to choose the right gear for your needs.

Do a gear check before you start running

If you’re ready to run on the regular, you should start with choosing the right shoe. No two runners are alike, and Brooks provides lots of options to make sure what you put on your feet will help you love the run.

As you’re making decisions about shoes, it’s a good idea to think about where you’re going to be running. Whether you’re pounding the pavement in your neighbourhood streets, sweating on your treadmill at home, or running trails in the wilderness, there’s a shoe out there for you.

You should also consider when you want to run. Many new runners will start out in the daytime, but some prefer to avoid the heat of day or simply can’t find the time after the sun goes up or before the sun goes down. The Brooks Nightlife Collection is stylish and includes high-visibility material that reflects the light from car headlights directly back toward the driver, providing extra safety for night running.

A closeup shot of a runner wearing Brooks Nightlife Collection gear and stooping over to tie his shoes.

Making the right gear choices can be daunting. Don’t worry, we can help! Our Shoe Finder and Bra Finder are like choose-your-own-adventures for your body. Answer a few questions about your run goals and body, and we’ll suggest a perfect shoe or run bra for you. Now that you know how to start jogging and running again, there are no more excuses. Get going! 

As you continue your runner’s journey, you’ll likely have more questions about gear. If you do, be sure to ask a Guru! Our Gurus are running experts located in various cities around the country who can provide gear advice and running tips for beginners.

Do you have your running goals lined up? How about the right gear to fit your ideal experience? With those ticked off your list, you’re ready to make running a part of your life for years to come.