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Model wearing the new Glycerin 20

Support for every runner

The new Glycerin 20

What’s the best thing your feet can feel while running? Nothing. Glycerin 20 neutral cushioned running shoes are the final word on comfort.

Runners wearing Brooks new clothing

Summer running

Sun's out, run's out

Whether you're running far or fast, you need clothing that keeps you cool and comfortable mile after mile. Get set for summer with our easy to wear, breezy clothing including shorts, t-shirts and tanks in bright, bold colours.

Hyperion Tempo

Hyperion Tempo
Get race ready

Summer miles mean autumn race smiles. Get set for your autumn marathon with shoes that can go the distance.

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Model wearing the Caldera
Mountain trail
The latest and greatest Caldera

The Caldera 6 is for trail runners ready to run far with supremely soft cushioning for confidence and comfort.

It's a trail thing
It's a trail thing
The ultimate trail inspiration

Either finishing your race strong or a day out with friends; trail running can change a day, life, or even the world.

Stories to transform your run
Discover all
  • Runners on a mountain trail
    Patagonia calls

    Avid trail runner Andy Cochrane shares his words and photos from a 7-day, 120-kilometre running trip.

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  • Brooks banana
    Meet your new breakfast hero's

    Rise, shine and eat these runner-friendly meals before or after you grind.

    Let's go
  • Brooks CEO Jim Weber leaning on wooden wall with illustration of his book
    Ready, set, read the inspiring story of our brand

    In a Q&A, CEO Jim Weber chats about his new book, working and leading at Brooks, and more.

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    Want to be the first to find out about new styles? Looking for top running tips to land in your inbox? Want to know about our offers and discounts before anyone else? Then sign up for the Brooks newsletter to stay in the know!

    Run happy
  • Run Happy Team
    Brooks runner
    Brooks runner
    Improve your mental strength

    Developing mental strength can help you go further, faster and run happier.

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