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Runners get real about their run bras

Four women running in Brooks Run Bras
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Want to know what women really think about our run bras? You’ve come to the right place.

We invited real runners to take our bras for a test run in Los Angeles, California. Led by runner, author, and activist Alison Mariella Désir, we filmed their run to learn more about their stories, their relationship to running and — of course — what they want in a great bra. Check out some excerpts of their conversation below.

Interviews have been condensed for length and clarity.

What women love about their specific run bra

Find out how some runners felt after testing bras from both our Dare and Drive Collections — separate collections that both offer lab-proven, high-impact support for running.


The Brooks Drive run bras move with you for a secure and comfortable fit while running.

Drive Convertible Run Bra

Gina O’Keeffe is a mother, runner, and licensed professional clinical counselor.

Drive Convertible

“This run bra’s my absolute favorite because you can convert it in the back. You can have it open or clip it if you want it a little bit tighter. Love that. And it’s nice and snug either way.

I like this bra specifically because there’s a lot of compression, but there’s also a lot of coverage. I don’t have a bigger chest, but still, that’s really important to me.”

Drive Plunge Run Bra

Donna Lee is a talent acquisition manager who gets her runs in through community running groups.

Drive Plunge

“I really like this band part. I feel like it’s holding everything in. And it’s not loose while I’m running. I personally don’t like clasps that much and this one doesn’t have one, it’s just really comfortable.

“I can wear this bra when it’s cold or hot outside. Like I’m not overly sweating. Which is a big factor for me. I want to feel comfortable, but I still want to look presentable even though I ran 15 miles.”


Also offering high-impact support, Dare run bras deliver a held-in feel with smooth shaping and a comfortable fit.

Dare Racerback 2.0 Run Bra

Collette Stewart is a runner who competes in triathlons.

Dare Racerback 2.0

“I love the fact that I don’t have to think about anything moving out of place because I always have that problem. But I love it. It’s breathable and everything’s staying where it’s supposed to stay."

Dare Racerback 2.0 Run Bra

Ciara Iglehart is a teacher, coach, and run club leader in the LA running community.

Dare Racerback 2.0

“I love that it’s flexible. I can wear it with anything, and it’s kind of like my support system, so I have a great relationship with it.”

The right run bra boosts confidence on and off the run.

We asked real runners if they always felt confident running in just a bra, and if not, how they developed that confidence.

Donna: “Absolutely not when you’re a girl that develops early, I’m talking like 10, 11 years old.”

Drive Convertible Run Bra

Remy Meraz is a runner and a co-founder and CEO of a leadership platform for diverse workforce populations.

Drive Convertible

“I never felt comfortable in a run bra just running, until this past year where my confidence, my self-esteem, my self-worth, my self love is all here. That it was greater than what people thought, you know? Or what they said. And when I found the Brooks Run Bra, it was a game changer. Now, I’m actually doing all my runs in these bras with no shirt, or I’m quick to take my shirt off.”

Dare Crossback 2.0 Run Bra

Alison Désir is a runner, author, activist, and Run Happy member.

Dare Crossback 2.0

“I can relate to that because after giving birth, I found myself with a whole new body and, for the first time, having boobs. And my confidence came when I could find something that was supportive. So I’m also quick to take my shirt off and just go.”

With a great run bra, you can amplify the effect of a good run. 

Runners offer some last thoughts on why they’re so committed to running. 

Collette: “Running allows me to check in with myself and my mental health.”

Gina: “Running is grounding for me. It’s something that I do for myself and it’s my time. And there’s also a component to it where I love to set goals for myself because I want to prove to myself that I can.”

Remy: For me, running is about community. And being a part of a run club and competing in races again just takes me back to being a kid and playing outside with my friends, which if you can all remember, is one of the greatest feelings ever.”

Ciara: “Running is the foundation of my life. It aligns everything for me. When I wake up in the morning, I think run first and everything else second.”

Find a run bra that can keep up with you. And you. And you.

Ready to find your own perfect bra? Browse the Dare and Drive Collections or try our Bra Finder to find your perfect match.

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Three women running in Brooks Run Bras