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Wire v6

Men's Running Shoes

081 - Black/Grey/Nightlife

Spike up and smoke the competition in longer track races. This unisex racing spike is designed for distances between 5k and 10k. Women should order 1.5 sizes down.

Best for…

  • Racing
  • All-out efforts
  • Traction
  • Track


  • Max efficiency
  • Optimal traction
  • Sock-like fit
  • Made for 400-1600m races

Go for the win in events 1500m and longer

Maximum efficiency
Maximum efficiency

Drive to the finish

Maximum efficiency

Maintain your speed thanks to an aggressive spike plate and full-length internal plate that’s designed for maximum efficiency for races between 1500 – 10,000m. 

Optimal traction
Optimal traction

Dig deep

Optimal traction

The 4-spike configuration is designed specifically to provide a powerful grip for events from the 1500m up to the 10.000m.

Sock like fit
Sock-like fit

Feels like a win

Sock-like fit

A new engineered mesh upper offers ventilation and is designed for a snug, distraction-free fit.

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