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Model wearing Brooks' innovative nitrogen-infused shoe

Unlock a world of benefits

Run on nitro

What will nitro bring to your run? Everything. And more. Brooks’ innovative nitrogen-infusion process amplifies your run for bigger benefits with zero compromises.

Model wearing the Caldera 6
Ultra trail

The latest and greatest Caldera

The Caldera 6 is for trail runners ready to run far with supremely soft cushioning for confidence and comfort.

Meet Lisa Congdon
Happy Pride season

Fly the flag for love with Run Proud

This Pride season, we are celebrating all love by showcasing LGBTQ+ love stories. And we partnered with the renowned artist Lisa Congdon to create the Run Proud Collection and bring visibility to the many voices of the LGBTQ+ community and encourage everyone to run true to themselves.

Stories to transform your run
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  • Model wearing Brooks Running bag
    Pick your pack

    Like a chipmunk with cheeks full of food, sometimes runners need to carry more than their hands can hold.

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  • Running Bra
    Taking proper care of your Run Bra

    We're here to help.

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  • Transgender runner on transgender coloured track
    Run as you are

    Six runners share what it means to move (and live) as their authentic selves.

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  • Make a Run at it icon
    Athletic model running
    Athletic model jumping on a rope
    Take your run to the next level with cross training

    Share up your routine with some full-body workouts.

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