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Oops! You caught us with our shoes untied.

We apologise. Our Shoe Finder Tool is undergoing maintenance and will be back up and running with exciting new improvements shortly. In the meantime, you can still find the right shoes to lace up in with our mini shoe guide below. You can also sign up to get an alert when the Shoe Finder Tool is up again.

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Need some quick info? Here’s a rundown of our shoe experiences.

Neutral vs Support

You may be a neutral runner if:

  • The wear pattern in your shoes is consistent indicating you distribute your weight evenly with each step.
  • Your feet and knees align as you run, tracking straight ahead.
  • Your knees stay parallel when you do a simple squat.

You may be a support runner if:

  • There is excessive wear on the inside edge of your shoes, indicating lateral movement in your stride.
  • Your feet and knees don't track perfectly straight as you run.
  • Your knees rotate inward when you do a simple squat.

Take your next steps

If you need more guidance on finding the best running shoe for you, read our “Find the best running shoe for you” article for more detailed info. If you’ve found your new favorite pair and can’t wait to get them, click the Store Locator link below to find them at a store near you.

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