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A forest with rolling hills

We want to make it easy to see our progress toward a world we all run on equal ground because we’re proud of how far we’ve come. But we admit there’s much more to do and much more to learn. One foot in front of the other.

Running Responsibly Report archive

2020 Performance Summary Report

2019 Performance Summary Report

2018 Performance Summary Report

2017 Performance Summary Report

2016 Performance Summary Report

2015 Performance Summary Report

2013/2014 Performance Summary Report

2011/2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

Standards, policies, and transparency

Global Factory List

Restricted Substance List

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supply Chain Transparency Statement

Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index

Collaboration and engagement

We recognize that to impact meaningful change, we need to work with brand, industry, and multi-stakeholder partners. We engage with and invest in partner organizations based on their ability to influence systemic change and their relevance to our business and supply chain. Click below to learn more.


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