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Is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS the right shoe for you?

Product shot of the Adrenaline GTS running shoes
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The Adrenaline GTS is designed to perfectly combine support and softness, offering a smooth, comfortable ride for almost any run. But, as always, the right choice of running shoe comes down to your own unique needs and goals.

A little background before you hit the ground

Comfort comes as standard in all Brooks running shoes, but it’s not simply a case of cushioning. Our most popular supportive running shoe, for example—the Adrenaline GTS for men and women—uses GuideRails® technology to help your body to embrace its natural motion path and limit excess motion, allowing you to run with more comfort and less pain. It has also been updated with DNA LOFT v2 cushioning that makes it the lightest shoe in Adrenaline’s 20-year history.

But is the Adrenaline GTS the right shoe for you? Let’s see how this runners’ favorite stacks up against five other Brooks running shoes from our Cushion, Energize, Speed, and Trail categories.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

1. Ghost: The same plush comfort for neutral strides

If your feet and knees don’t track perfectly as you run—and your running shoes show excessive wear on the inside edge—you’re probably a support runner. By choosing a running shoe that supports your stride, you can minimize that excess movement even when you get tired. That makes the Adrenaline GTS a great choice for runners who need additional support (fun fact: the GTS actually stands for “go-to support”).

If, on the other hand, your feet and knees align and your running shoes wear down evenly, you’re more likely a neutral runner. Just like the Adrenaline, the Ghost is renowned for its balance between cushioning and responsiveness, but is specifically designed to deliver comfort and durability for a neutral stride. If you don’t need the extra support provided by GuideRails® technology, Ghost is a great Adrenaline alternative.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 21

2. Glycerin: The final word on cushioning

Want to feel like you’re running on clouds? Then it may be time to experience the weightless softness of the nitrogen-infused Glycerin GTS, one of the few Brooks running shoes with even more cushioning than the Adrenaline. Cushy comfort is the priority here, with more DNA LOFT v3 cushioning and a softer warp knit upper than any previous Glycerin shoe.

The Glycerin range also includes non-GTS models for neutral runners as well as StealthFit options with stretchy compression in an updated Fit Knit upper. Whichever configuration fits you best, this super soft running shoe offers unbeatable comfort on the go for anyone who thinks there’s no such thing as “too soft”.

3. Levitate: Build momentum with each step

Stepping out of the Cushion category and into Energize, the Levitate GTS offers responsive springiness to add an extra lift to your stride. In fact, this shoe achieves our highest energy return yet, with an innovative DNA AMP v2 midsole that sends energy back up to you throughout your run.

Although Levitate is the most cushioned running shoe in our Energize category, its focus is on returning energy rather than simply absorbing it. It offers a slightly firmer ride but quicker heel-to-toe transitions compared to the Adrenaline, so it all depends on your particular running goals and how you want to balance cushioning and performance.

Brooks Launch GTS 10

4. Launch: Feel the need for speed

If you want to pick up the pace without giving up that all-important support, the Launch GTS might just be your perfect alternative to Adrenaline. This featherweight running shoe’s BioMoGo cushioning offers a dynamic, responsive ride that helps you feel like you're flying—while staying comfortably in stride—as well as lightning-fast heel-to-toe transitions thanks to a redesigned midsole and Green Rubber outsole.

As a fast and streamlined shoe designed to propel you through your run, the Launch doesn’t attempt to rival Adrenaline for plush comfort, but it may be a better fit if you want to chase down your next PR or just feel like you’re flying along at top speed.

5. Caldera: Venture beyond the well-worn path

The Adrenaline GTS is most at home on flat surfaces, delivering cushioned support and stability mile after mile. Trail running, however, is a different proposition; one that demands footwear specifically built for the ups and downs of off-road adventures. If you plan to take on trails as part of your usual running routine, a trail-running shoe like the Caldera is essential.

Like the Adrenaline, the Caldera delivers long-haul comfort by combining premium cushioning with a durable, dynamic feel for a stable ride. Although GuideRails® technology doesn’t apply on uneven terrain, the Caldera does feature updated raised midsole foam walls, a widened base, and added flex grooves in the outsole to help stabilize landings and carry you smoothly over uneven terrain.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

Other factors to consider

Is the Adrenaline GTS good for plantar fasciitis?

The Adrenaline GTS is a great option to help relieve plantar fasciitis because of its 12mm drop from heel to toe (24mm in the heel to 12mm in the forefoot), which helps to put your weight more in the forefoot and away from the plantar in your heel. The shoe’s generous underfoot cushioning also helps to control calcaneal (heel) deviation as you walk or run.

Is the Adrenaline GTS good for flat feet?

The footbed and insoles of all Brooks running shoes have the same arch height and arch support. The “support” in our running shoes generally refers to GuideRails® technology, which supports your whole body in its natural stride but should not be conflated with orthotics. However, our sock-liners are removable so that you can use your own insole or orthotic for personalized arch support.

Is the Adrenaline GTS good for walking?

With abundant cushioning and a 12mm offset towards forefoot, the Adrenaline GTS is a supremely comfortable shoe for walking as well as running. If you’re looking for dedicated walking shoes, check out our Addiction collection for arch support, maximum cushioning, and extra room for specialized orthotics.

Shoes your own adventure

Already running in the Adrenaline GTS? Whether you want to try out something similar or broaden your horizons, we can help. Our Shoe Finder tool is a great resource to discovery your match. And you may find your perfect pair outside the Cushion category entirely—our Energize, Speed, and Trail collections are full of options for those craving a different on-the-run experience.

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Shoes your own adventure

Disclaimer: Our writer's advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition, or fitness routines.