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There’s no right way to run

What’s behind the advanced footwear at Brooks? Our biomechanics scientists in the run research lab meticulously study and analyse the mechanics of human movement to better understand how to help prevent injury, enhance comfort, and improve performance. We found that each person has their own unique way of running, defined by their habitual motion path (more on that below). We call this your Run Signature. Let’s take a stroll through some of our findings.

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Your natural way of running

Thanks to years of studying the body in motion, our research team found that every runner’s joints have a path of least resistance, or habitual motion path (HMP).

When a runner’s joints deviate from their HMP while running, there can be greater loading on their knees, which can lead to running-related injuries. Our footwear engineers took these findings and developed advanced running technology that doesn’t “fix” your run. Instead, our shoes optimize it and support your distinctive Run Signature.

Based on these scientific findings, our footwear engineers developed GuideRails® support system — our advanced running technology for runners who deviate from their HMP.

GuideRails®: Our research in the wild

Ever wonder why the Adrenaline GTS has been an industry-leading, beloved shoe for two decades? It’s our patented GuideRails® technology, a direct result of our research. GuideRails® help support your feet, knees, and hips by helping reduce excess deviation from your habitual motion path.

Think of them like training wheels on a bike that keep you from falling over to one side or the other. GuideRails® keep your stride steady and moving in its natural way while reducing deviation. With this tech in place, you can run with more comfort and feel confident that your joints are supported.

For runners who tend to stay within their habitual motion path, we also have a selection of neutral shoes.

Learn more about the history and features of the Adrenaline GTS 22 in our Run Happy Blog.

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