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Glycerin vs. Ghost Max: How do they compare?

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Choosing the right running shoe is no small decision. Each stride you take, every kilometer you conquer, is directly impacted by the fit, comfort and technology of your footwear. Do you like to get lost in cloudlike comfort and just enjoy your run? Then our cushioned running shoes are the ones for you.

This season we’re offering more – more cushion, more options, more comfort. To easily match you with your perfect running shoes and understand their differences, we have compared the styles of our cushion lineup.

Today, we delve into our premium Glycerin and our newest of the cushion family, the Ghost Max. Our super-soft Glycerin, Glycerin GTS and Glycerin Stealthfit are known for the supreme softness underfoot. The all-new Ghost Max offers a cushioned landing every time and reduces the pressure underfoot, for a protected feeling on the go. Let’s start.

Ghost Max vs. Glycerin/Glycerin GTS 21

Glycerin vs. Ghost Max: A side-by-side comparison

Even though the Glycerin and Ghost Max are both part of our cushion family, they have different functions as running shoes. Let’s see how they stack up against one another in four key aspects.

  1. Cushioning:
    a. Protective: Ghost Max’s GlideRoll Rocker works with our DNA LOFT v2 midsole technology to cushion every landing and help reduce pressure underfoot. That makes it the ideal choice for runners seeking protection for their feet and knees.
    b. Supreme softness: The Glycerin has Brooks’ most amplified soft cushioning to date. The nitrogen infusion process in DNA LOFT v3 has been fine-tuned to create a Glycerin that’s lightweight, responsive, and durable for plush comfort.
  2. Transitions:
    a. Smooth and stable: The Glycerin delivers smooth heel-to-toe transitions with a broad platform that stabilizes your foot.
    b. Assisted: The Ghost Max takes transitions to the next level, utilizing the unique GlideRoll Rocker to actively facilitate the heel-to-toe movement and help protect runners as they roll through each stride.
  3. Plush ride: You’ll get a plush ride in the Glycerin, thanks to the addition of 2mm in the DNA LOFT v3 midsole. The Ghost Max features a broader base to maximize the protection offered by a stable ride, especially for runners with neutral strides.
  4. Style options: The Glycerin is also available with our go-to-support (GTS) for adaptable support that moves with your body. You can also choose the adaptable StealthFit model. This flat knit upper offers a blend of stretch and compression that moves with your foot.

Glycerin: Setting the bar for comfort

Glycerin is our luxury model, delivering supreme comfort within every stride. It’s especially designed for runners who enjoy super-soft, premium cushioning, especially for longer runs and distraction-free movement.

Two runners in their Glycerin 21
  • Fine-tuned DNA LOFT v3 foam: The cornerstone of the Glycerin's design is the nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning. This latest version of our DNA LOFT technology provides even more softness while ensuring the shoe remains lightweight, responsive, and durable.
  • Warp upper knit: The Glycerin's fit is also worth noting. Its plush and breathable engineered air mesh upper wraps around the foot securely, creating a snug yet comfortable fit that adapts to the contours of your foot.
  • Seamless transitions: The Glycerin features a redesigned midsole and outsole that work in harmony to offer a widened platform for smoother, easier transitions, maximizing efficiency and comfort. Plus, you’ll be 2mm taller in length, as the midsole has an additional 2mm of DNA LOFT v3 for a plush ride.

Ghost Max: To the MAX and beyond

Featuring a series of thoughtful design choices, the Ghost Max is tailored specifically for runners who want or need plenty of protection built into their running shoes. The team who developed this innovative shoe has shared insights behind the biomechanics-driven process of building the new shoe from scratch if you want to know more.

Runner lacing up their pair of Ghost Max
  • Super-stacked DNA LOFT v2 foam: Offering supremely soft landings, DNA LOFT v2 foam is designed to provide a plush, protected feel without compromising on responsiveness.
  • GlideRoll Rocker technology: This exclusive feature is designed to provide a shoe-assisted transition from heel to toe, which in turn helps to reduce pressure under the forefoot.
  • Double jacquard warp knit: The two-color design detail is not just aesthetic; it is engineered for softness, breathability, durability and flexibility.
  • Carbon neutrality: As a certified CarbonNeutral® shoe, the Ghost Max doesn't just take care of your feet but the planet as well.
Ghost Max vs. Glycerin

Keep it classic or MAX your comfort

Every runner is unique, and choosing between the Glycerin and the Ghost Max truly depends on individual preferences.

If supreme comfort is at the top of your list, Glycerin would be hard to beat. Its nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning is designed for those who appreciate a plush, luxurious ride, and its redesigned midsole and outsole ensure smooth and effortless transitions.

On the other hand, if you prioritize protection above everything else, the Ghost Max is your go-to. With its increased heel and forefoot cushioning and features like the GlideRoll Rocker, the new Ghost Max is all about max protection.

In the world of running, both shoes have their place. The Glycerin has the plushness that runners love, while the Ghost Max tweaks the winning formula to maximize comfort and protection. Whatever your choice, lace up knowing that you’ll run happy with Brooks.

We hope this detailed comparison helps you in choosing your perfect pair. Once you've made your decision, you can confidently stride ahead, knowing you're supported by Brooks' relentless commitment to innovation and your running satisfaction.

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